Les Productions Zvon has announced an update to the mobile version of the Prepared Electric Piano, adding two formats to the sample pack.

Les Productions Zvon Prepared Rhodes

The update includes a set of kits for the EG Pulse drum machine/sampler and one for the Slate instrument in NanoStudio 2. The 79 wav files and a soundfont of 67 instruments are also included.

This set includes a soundfont with 67 instruments and 79 samples in wav format. The demo set has a 16 instruments soundfont and 16 samples. Added in November 2019: two sets of kits, one for EG Pulse drum machine/sampler and one for NanoStudio 2 Slate instrument.

This is a smaller version our Prepared Rhodes sample set. It’s kind of “best of” as I made a selectionamong those that, IMO, are best suited for use in mobile apps. But it’s more than a simple repackaging as I have added 38 instruments made with one sample mapped across the keyboard in the soundfont and I have edited 11 of the 79 wav files.

The Prepared Electric Piano Mobile pack costs $1.99 USD. It is also bundled with the larger regular version.

Previous buyers of the Prepared EP Mobile or the Prepared Rhodes can request the update and get it for free.

More information: Les Productions Zvon