Sanford Super Chorus

Leslie Sanford has released Sanford Super Chorus, a four-voice chorus capable of creating thick and rich sounds.

Each of its four voices represents a completely independent chorus effect. It’s like getting four choruses in one.

In addition, the Sanford Super Chorus provides four LFOs that act as modulation sources for the voices. Like the voices, each LFO is completely independent, and each has advanced and easy to use synchronization functions.

The combination of independent voices and LFOs gives you an almost endless set of possible combinations. This is one versatile chorus.

Sanford Super Chorus features

  • Four independent chorus voices
  • Four independent LFOs
  • Versatile synchronization functions
  • MIDI Learn
  • User interface designed by Rick Christy

Sanford Super Chorus is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $15 USD. A demo version can be found on the product page.

Visit Leslie Sanford for more information and audio demos.