Leslie Sanford has released Sanford Super Filter, a filter effect plug-in for Windows.

The Sanford Super Filter features two multimode filters that can be routed in serial or parallel modes. It had two independent LFOs and an envelope follower that can be used as modulation sources.

Each filter lets you modulate its cutoff frequency with two modulation sources. In addition, you can modulate the resonance as well. The versatility of the LFOs and the envelope follower give you plenty of modulation possibilities.

Sanford Super Filter

Sanford Super Filter effect plug-in for Windows

Sanford Super Filter features

  • Two independent filters, each with LP, HP, and BP modes.
  • Each filter can take up to three modulation sources.
  • Resonance can be modulated.
  • Serial and parallel filter routings.
  • Two independent LFOs.
  • LFOs have a spread mode for fat output.
  • Smoothable LFO shapes.
  • Envelope Follower with sensitivity.
  • MIDI Learn.

Sanford Super Filter is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $35 USD. A demo version (nag screen, stops working after 20 minutes and saving of banks is disabled) can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit Leslie Sanford for more information and some audio demos.