Past To Future Reverbs has launched Lexicon 480L Random Hall & Wild Spaces, a collection of impulse responses recorded on Studer A80 tape.

The pack includes 38 high quality, larger than life unique impulse responses in 24-bit/96kHz Wav format.

Past To Future Reverbs Lexicon 480L Random Hall & Wild Spaces

We are proud to present you the most requested and most wanted impulse responses of the legendary unit Lexicon 480L!

We recorded all these legendary unique presets on Tape to get that big sound. We used 2 tape formulas (BASF 911/SM468) to give the impulses a different character.

These are one the best IR’s we have ever created. You will be amazed by its organic depth larger than life sound. It will mix easily in your mixes!

The IR pack is available now for $10 USD.

More information: Past To Future Reverbs