LFO Store has announced the release of 50 Cosmic Effects, a collection of insert type presets for the Eventide Space/H9 Max.

Welcome to the deepest parts of the extending Universe with beautiful Eventide Effects series!

Introducing “50 Cosmic Effects” for Space Pedal & H9 (Max)! Here you will find all what you need to transform your Guitar & Synth into a galactic machine!

The pack includes:

  • Beautiful long reverbs with lush tails & looong decays.
  • Freeze constructions for drones & ambient structures.
  • Analog delays & Timefactor delay emulations – Space can be a Delay.
  • Distorted leads and pads.
  • Various movements (thanks to LFO & Envelope inside).

50 Cosmic Effects is available for $15 USD.

More information: LFO Store