Liine has announced the Cliip module for Gridd, the only iPad controller that lets you seamlessly edit Ableton Live MIDI clips.

A world-first in controllers, Cliip allows you to create and edit MIDI clips with your fingertips using an elegant touch-enabled piano roll.

Cliip makes editing MIDI clips a truly live, musical experience. The piano roll is now an instrument too. Paint notes onto the smooth zoomable grid. Use intuitive multitouch gestures to edit note length and velocity – no need to LEARN it, just FEEL it. Snap/Fine and Percussive/Melodic modes and the powerful Duplicate function will help you unleash your creativity. Use in the studio to effortlessly create that killer hook or get personal with your audience and truly create music in front of them.

The Cliip module is initially available only when running on iPad. Cliip will run on iPhone and iPod Touch too in the next update.

Cliip features

  • Piano roll with zoomable keyboard and timeline.
  • iPercussive mode for short notes and Melodic mode with two finger note length gesture.
  • Snap and fine modes. Snap note position (or note end) to the grid, or use fine mode to add some groove.
  • Drag up the velocity lane and add dynamics to your music.
  • Copy and paste functions allow you to copy the contents of one clip to another.
  • Duplicate function allows you to duplicate and extend the current loop (e.g. to copy a loop 4 times so that you can add a variation on the 4th loop).
  • Clear all.
  • Remotely create new MIDI clip.

Cliip is included in Griid Pro, currently priced at $16.99 USD / 13.99 EUR until February 28, 2011 (regular $24.99 USD / 19.99 EUR). Cliip is available for Griid users as an “In App Purchase” (requires Griid v1.10).

More information: Liine