Liine has released Skram, an electronic music maker app for iOS.

Liine Skram




Skram gives users everything they need to create electronic music. The app enables fans to make music with convincing results and provides an immediate tool for seasoned musicians.
Created by the team that got kicked out of Berghain shortly after launching their first app.

Skram is the result of years developing music tech for pro musicians while immersed in Berlin’s music microcosm where artists, tech providers, club owners and fans rub shoulders every weekend.

“We realized there was a need for an accessible platform, something to enable fans to make the music they like without feeling patronized” says Liine’s CEO Gareth Williams. “We felt that we could build something that inspires existing musicians too, for whom simplicity stimulates creativity, freedom and fun.”

Liine’s approach is inspired by the custom setups used by experienced electronic musicians to streamline their music production and performance. The best of these setups are simple, often hiding complexity below the surface, and give the artists their unique voice.

Skram promises to deliver a wide range of simple Devices and Widgets to allow people to explore different musical styles, irrespective of experience. While other apps focus on solutions for “UI problems”, they still require users to have fully formed musical ideas. Liine, however, have their sights set on solving “musical problems”. Different Widgets can help people compose in different genres, for example.

Skram features

  • Devices: Four expressive synth and drums Devices included. Users will soon be able to choose from a wide range covering many genres.
  • Widgets: Skram offers three different ways to create musical patterns. More available soon.
  • Global features: Users can manipulate the whole performance, from recording and bpm control to stunning key changes (with no need to know a single bit of music theory).

Skram for iPad (OS 9.0 or newer) is available on the App Store at an initial price of $4.99 USD / £3.99 GBP / 4.99 EUR.

More information: Liine / Skram