Liine has released version 5.2 of Lemur, a multi-touch MIDI & OSC controller app for iOS.

Liine Lemur

Lemur, the professional iOS controller app that doesn’t cut any corners, has evolved. Now easier to use than ever, more customisable and with more out-of-the-box functionality. Any software or hardware that receives MIDI or OSC can be controlled by Lemur. Control DJ software, live electronic music performance software, studio production software (DAWs), VJ software, visual synthesis software, stage lighting and more.

Changes in Lemur v5.2

  • Lemur App:
    • Fixed file system access on iOS 8.
    • Fixed On MIDI scripts receive messages from Parent/Project MIDI Targets.
    • Fixed templates loading with mismatch between navbar and displayed page.
    • Fixed CoreMIDI issue where ports were not displayed for some hardware devices (Novation X-Station and others).
    • Fixed Fader.value displaying correct type.
    • Fixed stretch function displaying correct types.
    • Various Canvas fixes and improvements.
    • Added Relative cursor mode to Fader object.
    • Integer values are now parsed as such when saving / loading JZML.
    • Added automatic conversion of OSC INT64 & boolean to INT32.
    • MIDI Target configuration now properly saved when quitting the app and returning.
    • Sequencer objects phase no longer jumps when changing ‘steps’ attribute.
    • StepSwitch now sends out values when out variable goes back to null (i.e. Note Off messages correctly sent now).
  • Editor:
    • Fixed crash with canvas_restore () on Windows.
    • Fixed crashes when opening menus while Canvas is drawn.
    • Fixed copy/paste from Lemur to other applications.
  • Daemon:
    • Fixed issues where Daemon ports would get disconnected and appear in red.
    • Fixed issue with mislabelled Daemon ports.

The Lemur app is available for purchase for $24.99 USD.

More information: Liine / Lemur