Samples From Mars has released an update to its Lindrum From Mars, a complete re-build of the sample library that started Samples From Mars 6 years ago.

More faithful to the original machine, this new pack offers newly recorded sounds of the classic 80s drum machine known for its unique crunch, saturated acoustic drum hits, warm filters, and unbeatable groove.

Although I had years of experience as a producer and engineer, sampling a drum machine was foreign to me. As a result, the original, “legacy” version of the Lindrum From Mars was not very faithful to the original machine. There were things I just didn’t know yet – that the congas on this unit were actually LM1 congas. Or that I could move EPROMs around to tune them instead of using tape. Or that it’s important to have a less subtractive approach to sampling, since the end user will be subtractive anyways (adding their own EQ, compression, etc).

Yet as unfaithful as this sampling process was, it was full of character that’s proven impossible to recreate – especially the re-pitched tape hits, and the SSL processing. In music I’ve learned to never try to re-track anything at a better studio – because that magic and emotion is impossible to replicate, and is more important than the actual quality. So, in that same regard, we’re keeping this version forever, and including it as a separate download.

Fast forward to 2019 – with over 10,000 hours of sampling experience later, and a Class A sampling studio built entirely from sales that began with the Lindrum samples, and we’ve (yes, I went from “me” to “we”) decided we were finally ready to re-sample this beloved machine. Our goal: to create a more faithful and comprehensive Lindrum sample library.

The collection includes clean versions recorded directly to the converter, as well as color versions using API 1608 console channel saturation, API EQ, a CL1 diode compressor, SSL dynamics and a MCI tape machine.

Lindrum From Mars features

  • 1,380 24bit WAV Samples.
  • (10) 16x Hit Kits for easy jamming.
  • Clean & Color versions of all samples.
  • Original Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Sidestick, Clap, Hi Hats, Toms, Congas, Tambourine, Cabasa, Cowbell, Ride and Crash.
  • 37 or more pitches for all drum voices.
  • 44 Chromatically Tuned Conga samples.
  • Multi-Sampled Decay for Hi Hat, Snare, Clap and Sidestick.
  • Sampled through an API 1608 console and Apogee Symphony.
  • 100% Hardware processing.
  • (14) Groove templates capture the Lindrum’s signature quantize & shuffle.
  • Also includes Lindrum From Mars – Legacy (Older Version) as separate download.
  • 127.6 MB Unzipped.

Lindrum From Mars is available for the intro price of $9 USD (regular $29 USD).

More information: Samples From Mars