Line 6 offering monthly free ReFills and Artist Patches


Line 6 has a nice promo going on where you get a bunch of free ReFills in return for completing a short survey.

Line 6 Refill promo

From the promo page:

Expand your arsenal of sounds with a FREE ReFill or artist-created Artist Patch each month until 2009! Incredible artists, like Propellerhead Guru Kurt Kurasaki aka Peff, and amazing ReFill manufacturers, like Sonic Emulations, will unlock their sonic secrets and let you pack even more power and versatility into your Reason rack.

After completing the survey, you’ll receive a monthly email from Line 6 featuring either an Artist or ReFill manufacturer, and a link to your new ReFill or Artist Patch.

Visit Line 6 for more information.

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Lance Legstrong
Lance Legstrong

This is NOT freeware. This is spamware, since you need to fill out a survey and give an email address where you’ll be spammed mercilessly. And judging from the poor quality of their current products (the PUD, spider amps, etc) it won’t even be worth the download.