LinPlug announces The Synth Bundle, Xmas Special Offer

LinPlug The Synth Bundle

LinPlug has announced The Synth Bundle, a limited time special offer.

As every year, we looked for something special for you for this cold winter season, to warm your hearts :)

This year we picked up some type of special offer, that we last had 6 years ago, a long time: A bundle of instruments FOR EVERYONE

The Synth Bundle includes:

  • The LinPlug CronoX 3 Sample Synthesizer ( 129€ / 149US$ )
  • The brand new LinPlug MorphoX Synthesizer ( 99€ / 129US$ )
  • The Rob Papen Albino 3 Synthesizer ( 149€ / 179US$ )
  • The Octopus FM Synthesizer ( 99€ / 129US$ )
  • The Alpha Classic Synthesizer ( 79€ / 99US$ )
  • The LinPlug ElementP Percussion Synth ( 29€ / 39US$ )
  • The Ian Boddy Soundset for the Alpha Synthesizer ( 39€ / 49US$ )
  • The Summa Soundset for the Octopus Synthesizer ( 39€ / 59US$ )
  • including altogether more than 5500 preset sounds

The Synth Bundle is available for the special price of 299 EUR / $399 USD (regular 662 EUR / $832 USD – more than 50% off) until 31 December 2010.

More information: LinPlug

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Francisco C
Francisco C

I’d gladly take this up if CronoX and Albino were deleted from this package, and RMV were added. This package needs a drum machine!

Nice try, Linplug, but I was expecting at least a 10% discount offer on MorphoX, since I already own Alpha 3. Otherwise, I don’t need dongleware, and I don’t care who Rob Papen is. I’d take up Octopus, even though the demo intimidated me a little bit. FM synthesis rules!!! ;)