LinPlug has announced new details on CrX4, a new version of the CronoX software synthesizer for Widows and Mac.

First of all, its name is CrX4. This symbolizes the major work on this new version: making CronoX more efficient. This includes many changes (in fact more than 100), many under the hood, many not obvious and a some obvious ones. The most dramatic change is certainly the new GUI including a number of editing help functions (copy, paste, init) for most modules, but also assembles all on one GUI page.

New in CrX4

  • Filter saturation can be modulated.
  • Loaded loop sampler presets have samples now loaded successively (no gaps).
  • Filter may be routed in serial or parallel.
  • LFO’s speed can be modulated.
  • Now up to 4 loop samplers.
  • Master limiter.
  • Envelopes switchable between ADSFR and AHDSR mode.
  • Envelopes shape (lin…log) now individually adjustable for every phase.
  • Switchable MIDI Program/bank change (may be disabled in setup).
  • Chorus now with invert switch.
  • Oscillators can be run up to +12 dB now.
  • Oscillators allow +-5 octave pitch modulation now (+-3 or -2/+5 before).
  • Oscillator FM and AM now with much wider range (more intensity).
  • All-on-one-edit-page design.
  • Larger sample display.
  • Extended envelope parameter modulation (sustain, hold).
  • LFO frequency range up to 275 Hz.
  • New LFO waveforms (impulse, peak and random pulse).
  • LFO onc-shot mode.
  • Symmetry now working for LFO Noise too.
  • New noise oscillator with double filter, pitching and crossmodulation.
  • Reworked oscillator with variable aliasing (thus compatible with CronoX 2 and 3).
  • Switchable CronoX 2 sound compatibility (automatically on loading CronoX 2 presets).
  • Editing functions (typically load, save, copy, paste and init for many modules).
  • All sample content comes now in WAV format (for easier processing outside CrX4).
  • New preset browser with full size bank or patch view.
  • MIDI-CC indicators next to preset name.
  • Much reworked preset library including a whole bunch of new presets.

The price of CrX4 as well as the upgrade fee have not yet been fixed. All CronoX 3 orders from March 1st, 2012 on will get a free upgrade to CrX4.

LinPlug has also updated its SaxLab virtual saxophone instrument to version 2.1.2.

We are sorry for the delay of the 2 month ago announced version 2.1.2 of SaxLab, but its now finally available for both Mac and PC.

Changes in SaxLab v2.1.2

  • 64bit version of AudioUnit and VST plugin for Mac.
  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
  • Stability improvements (Mac version).
  • Ended support for PowerPC G3 processors.