LinPlug has announced new details on CrX4, a new version of the CronoX software synthesizer for Widows and Mac.

First of all, its name is CrX4. This symbolizes the major work on this new version: making CronoX more efficient. This includes many changes (in fact more than 100), many under the hood, many not obvious and a some obvious ones. The most dramatic change is certainly the new GUI including a number of editing help functions (copy, paste, init) for most modules, but also assembles all on one GUI page.

LinPlug CrX4

LinPlug’s CrX4 sample manipulation synthesizer instrument will be out soon.

New in CrX4

  • Filter saturation can be modulated.
  • Loaded loop sampler presets have samples now loaded successively (no gaps).
  • Filter may be routed in serial or parallel.
  • LFO’s speed can be modulated.
  • Now up to 4 loop samplers.
  • Master limiter.
  • Envelopes switchable between ADSFR and AHDSR mode.
  • Envelopes shape (lin…log) now individually adjustable for every phase.
  • Switchable MIDI Program/bank change (may be disabled in setup).
  • Chorus now with invert switch.
  • Oscillators can be run up to +12 dB now.
  • Oscillators allow +-5 octave pitch modulation now (+-3 or -2/+5 before).
  • Oscillator FM and AM now with much wider range (more intensity).
  • All-on-one-edit-page design.
  • Larger sample display.
  • Extended envelope parameter modulation (sustain, hold).
  • LFO frequency range up to 275 Hz.
  • New LFO waveforms (impulse, peak and random pulse).
  • LFO onc-shot mode.
  • Symmetry now working for LFO Noise too.
  • New noise oscillator with double filter, pitching and crossmodulation.
  • Reworked oscillator with variable aliasing (thus compatible with CronoX 2 and 3).
  • Switchable CronoX 2 sound compatibility (automatically on loading CronoX 2 presets).
  • Editing functions (typically load, save, copy, paste and init for many modules).
  • All sample content comes now in WAV format (for easier processing outside CrX4).
  • New preset browser with full size bank or patch view.
  • MIDI-CC indicators next to preset name.
  • Much reworked preset library including a whole bunch of new presets.

The price of CrX4 as well as the upgrade fee have not yet been fixed. All CronoX 3 orders from March 1st, 2012 on will get a free upgrade to CrX4.

LinPlug has also updated its SaxLab virtual saxophone instrument to version 2.1.2.

We are sorry for the delay of the 2 month ago announced version 2.1.2 of SaxLab, but its now finally available for both Mac and PC.

Changes in SaxLab v2.1.2

  • 64bit version of AudioUnit and VST plugin for Mac.
  • Added support for Mac OS X 10.7 invert mouse scroll
  • Stability improvements (Mac version).
  • Ended support for PowerPC G3 processors.

More information: LinPlug