LinPlug has announced it has reduced the prices of its soundsets.

All soundsets are now available at a reduced price, some sets only cost half of their original price. All soundsets (with exception of the Sophistry soundset) are now priced at 29 US$ (19 Euro in the EU).

Soundsets are available for Albino, Alpha, Octopus, RMV and CronoX 3.

LinPlug’s SaxLab and RMV instrument plugins have been updated.

Changes in SaxLab v2.1.3

  • Version 213 fixes a potential crash and a number of smaller issues, so this is a recommended update for both users on Mac and PC.

Changes in RMV v5.0.8

  • Fixed: Flanger might produce strange noise after many hours of work.
  • Fixed: Sample Start/End might got lost when restoring songs.
  • Fixed: MIDI browser crashed on prev/next before first file is loaded.
  • Fixed: Location Dialog for missing samples had no valid Extension.
  • Fixed: Slice relocation wont save new location to project/song.
  • A couple of cosmetic fixes.