LinPlug Albino Bigtone Ambient Excursion Set

LinPlug has released Albino Bigtone Ambient Excursion Set, a soundset for Rob Papen Albino.

The second Bigtone Soundset is again both a great and a huge soundset, with 400 professional patches from Nico Herz of Big!Tone sound factory. If you ever heard Big!Tone presets you know what to expect.

As usual, organized into categories:

  • 41 Ambient Keys
  • 56 Arpeggiator Sounds
  • 47 Basses
  • 37 Dance Sounds
  • 26 Effects
  • 88 Leads
  • 11 Pads
  • 23 Semi Real
  • 34 Seq
  • 16 Stacks
  • plus 21 Sounds which not fit any category

Be sure to listen to the audio demos, they are really superb! Bigtone Ambient Excursion is available for download and costs 79 US$ / 59 Euro.

More information: LinPlug