LinPlug has announced the release of Arksun meets Bigtone, a new soundset for the Spectral synthesizer instrument.

If you have a look in the world of sound design you will probably only have very few names which stand so much for quality, inspirational sounds as this two guys.

Enjoy with us a set of 120 sounds for film scoring and ambient music, from decent to complex sounds and subtle to drastic changes in sound.

The soundset is available for purchase for $27.99 USD.

LinPlug has also updated Spectral to version 1.2.3, fixing a few bugs and now supporting import of your single cycle waveforms in the harmonics editor. Furthere more, SaxLab has been updated to version 2.2, introducing scaleable user interface.

Lastly, LinPlug is offering a free ReFill with the purchase of CrX4 through March, 2015.

Until End of March 2015 every purchased CrX4 gets a free Yemski Sonic Geometry refill (a 69 US$ value).