LinPlug has announced the Mac release of Element P, the recently re-released classic percussion synthesizer.

ElementP is a percussion synthesizer. It has been designed to produce a specific range of sounds. Although you can’t create all imaginable percussive sounds, ElementP will allow you to create a broad range with minimum effort. Typically you can easily create sounds like real world percussion instruments, unique bass sounds, any kind of percussive noise, some interesting kicks and snares and other sounds of this type.

Element P is now available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for 29 EUR / $39 USD.

LinPlug has also announced the release of SaxLab version 2.1 on Mac, which features an improved preset menu structure as well as full compatibility with latest host versions on Mac OSX 10.6 and newer. SaxLab is now priced 139 EUR / $179 USD (10 EUR / $20 USD reduction).

Organ 3 was updated to version 3.1.3, offering a hot fix for users of Cakewalk Sonar, improving stability. Until 9 June (or until 100 licenses have been sold) Organ 3 is available to purchase for 49.50 EUR / $64.50 USD, a 50% discount.
Use coupon code ORGA-NICS-YNTH at checkout to take advantage of this limited offer.