LinPlug has announced the release of Sonic Geometry, a refill library for CrX4 by Yemski.

Yemski did it again: After crafting presets for Albino and our new Spectral he now made an exceptional and comprehensive refill for CrX4: More than 550 sounds invite you to a journey into his Sonic Geometry.

Yemski is covering a wide area of moving sounds, like he usually does, delivering a refill for any kind of electronic and experimental music and film scoring.

Sonic Geometry features

  • Arps 127.
  • Basses 51.
  • Chords and Scale Based Sequences 108.
  • Dark Impacts and Drones 72.
  • Keys 41.
  • Leads 61.
  • Pads 100.

The sound pack is available for purchase for $69 USD / 49 EUR.