LinPlug has announced updates to its Albino, MorphoX, and relectro plug-ins.

Today we roll out the last part of our updates, releasing new versions of relectro, MorphoX and the discontinued Rob Papen Albino. Whats finally missing is an update for Alpha, for good reason: The Alpha just goes through a more substantial update of its user interface.

Having said this, this also applies to MorphoX somewhat, adding a number of features we first introduced in Spectral. The complete list of changes follows below.

Changes in LinPlug plug-ins

  • Albino v3.2.1:
    • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash.
    • Fixed Silk Filter panning not working.
  • relectro v1.0.3:
    • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash.
  • MorphoX v1.1.0:
    • Reworked User Interface, slightly larger, now scaleable.
    • Pitch Bend setting is now saved per preset (not global anymore).
    • Voices label now acts as Activity-Indicator / Trigger.
    • Preset Browser now full size (no popup menu anymore).
    • New Aftertouch / Modulation Controller mapping.
    • A couple of new Options to adjust MorphoX behaviour in the DAW.
    • Fixed possible crashes of 64 bit PC version when loading presets.
    • Fixed bug: Position of Morph Wheel could get lost upon preset change.

The updates are now available to download for registered users. The demo versions of MorphoX and relectro are also updated.