LinPlug has released version 1.3.0 of Spectral, a synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

If you are familiar with subtractive synthesis, you will feel right at home, because you can choose an oscillator waveform, a filter shape and go on from there. But Spectral delivers far more options than you would expect from the well sorted user interface. Both Oscillator Waveform and Filter Shape can be edited in depth and modulated in many sophisticated ways.

Changes in Spectral v1.3.0

  • LFO bug fixes.
  • Faster updating of user interface.
  • Chorus seldom crackle fixed.
  • Adds support for the new sound library Behind the Sun, a set of 100 sounds from Jaan.

Spectral is available for purchase for $149 USD. All Spectral soundsets are now $14.99 USD.

LinPlug has also announced it is retiring some of its older plug-ins.

After 7 years RMV gets retired, Alpha 3 after more than 8 years, Organ 3 ran for almost 9 years, Octopus made it just below 10 years. relectro also gets retired. Time to say good bye. We wont sell these instruments anymore and will only support them for another year. However, if you have a DAW set up, they wont stop working at a specific date, so you can use them as long as you keep a working environment. At some point these instruments probably wont work in a (then) up to date environment, so be careful with any updates you make to your DAW computer.

RMV, Alpha 3, Organ 3, Octopus and relectro are available for $19.99 USD each until the end of October, 2015. Any additional sound libraries for discontinued products are now $9.99 USD.