linuxDSP has announced the addition of the SR-2B stereo reverb plugin to the OverTone range of Windows VST plug-ins.

The SR-2B is an algorithmic reverb designed to be economical with CPU, without compromising the processing quality.

It features an interpolated sub-sample pre-delay, together with fully adjustable stereo width, reverb size and HF damping controls.

linuxDSP SR-2B reverb

linuxDSP SR-2B reverb plug-in

SR-2B features

  • Interpolated Pre-Delay – Smoothly adjustable pre-delay control with sub-sample resolution.
  • Stereo Width Control – Full adjustment of the stereo image.
  • Adjustable Damping – Variable damping frequency simulates different reverb spaces.
  • Switchable “Wet” Output – Switch off the unprocessed signal for easy integration with a separate reverb buss in a DAW.
  • Proven High Quality DSP – Built on the same DSP algorithms as the popular linuxDSP SR-2A reverb.
  • Universal GUI – Unlike many other free LV2 plugins, the GUI works equally well in a Qt host application e.g. Qtractor as it does in a GTK host e.g. Ardour.

SR-2B for Windows (VST) is available for download in demo mode, an activation key costs £10 GBP (includes Linux version).

More information: Overtone