LiquidSonics has released version 1.650 of Reverberate, a pair of stereo zero-latency convolution processors coupled with modulating post-effects for a richer, more dynamic convolution reverb.

Reverberate provides a rich and dynamic reverb from impulse responses by modulating an amalgamation of two, separately controllable true stereo IRs using an LFO. Further modulation is possible using the post-processing effects; an all-pass interpolator chorus and delay unit provide a fuller sound and an over-sampled analogue prototype paragraphic equaliser is provided with dual LFOs. These features make for a livelier, more creative sound than typically associated with some convolution reverbs.

Changes since Reverberate v1.610

  • All: Master wet lock icon added.
  • All: Changed the wet lock options to include a default insert mode, send mode, or as specified per bank as wet-lock is now saved in the preset banks allowing for banks to be configured as send banks.
  • All: The presets view now opens by default instead of the IR browser.
  • All: Master gain lock added. (1.640)
  • OS X: Fix for a lost files dialog request not showing correctly. (1.640)
  • All: Filter frequencies can now be selected from A0 – G#8 using pulldown menus providing a very natural and musical frequency selection approach. (1.630)
  • Mac: 64-bit VST added to the plug-in binary (a 64-bit AU is not yet available). The 64-bit VST will load automatically in hosts supporting 64-bit plug-ins. (1.620)
  • Mac: Audio file library speed optimisations for reduced start-up and audio file access times. (1.620)
  • All: Control+click on post IR gain controls now resets the slider positions as well as the parameter value. (1.614)
  • OS X: Improved support for system volume names containing diacritics. (1.612)
  • All: The demo timers have been reset so that all expired demos may now run for a further 30 days to enable past demo users to try all the new features added in recent releases. (1.611)
  • All: Increased stability when system memory is depleted. (1.611)

Reverberate is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for £50 GBP.

More information: LiquidSonics