Reverb is offering a free sample pack from Samples From Mars and a chance to win a Roland TR-08 Boutique series synthesizer to those who list gear for sale for a limited time.

Samples From Mars is a label that captures the charm of vintage gear through high-end recordings and then flips them around into unique samples. With 808 From Mars, they created a pack that stands out in the sea of digital 808 replicants with dirty tones, pitch-shifting magic, and true analog sound.

In addition to a free 808 From Mars sample pack, one lucky seller will win a Roland TR-08. A perfect entrance into the hardware world, the TR-08 is a compact yet powerful way to enhance your drum game. To make things even sweeter, the masterminds at 3DWaves have provided us with a one-of-a kind TR-08 stand in the classic 808 colorwave. This is the only place this stand is available, and it will perfectly complement your new hardware and wall-shattering drums.

The offer is valid until August 18th, 2021.

More information: Reverb