Lithium Sound releases Blaster

Lithium Sound Blaster

Lithium Sound has released Blaster, a freeware ray gun noise maker VST instrument for Windows PC.


  • 1 oscillator (sine, square, saw, tri, noise, halfsine, trisaw).
  • ADSR Amp envelope.
  • LFO speed and depth controls.
  • Onboard ping-pong delay.
  • 16 presets.

Visit Lithium Sound for more information and a link to download Blaster.

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digital lofi
digital lofi

Heh. Not useful enough to, you know, actually download but that GUI is pretty clever.


I use this ALL THE FUCKING TIME now on Windows!!

Problem is, when I’m on Mac (Ableton) I can’t find anything near as good sounding and versatile, does anyone know of anything similar for Mac? Or if a porting of this is ever going to happen?