Little Endian

Little Endian has announced it has acquired Delaydots, a leading provider of spectral processing audio effects for sound designers, gaming and film industries.

Little Endian acquired complete Intellectual Property rights, along with an exclusive publishing and distribution rights to all Delaydots products, including the highly acclaimed SpectralSuite pack and a flagship modular spectral processor SpectrumWorx. Delaydots products remain available through the online store at, and technical support continues via the Delaydots support forum on the KVR Audio web site.

“We are extremely pleased to take over Delaydots,” commented Little Endian CEO Danijel Domazet. “We’ve been searching for a way to enter the very dynamic audio effects software market, and this is just a perfect opportunity for us. We plan to continue development based on Alexey Menshikov’s unique research, and also to bring in fresh ideas from our own labs.”

Check the press release for details.

Visit Delaydots for more information about its products.