littleBits has launched the Synth Pro Pack, a kit featuring the new MIDI, CV, and USB I/O modules.

littleBits Synth Pro Pack

Since the launch of the Synth Kit in November 2013, many users requested the addition of modules that would allow the Synth Kit to be connected to the rest of the equipment in their music studios. The design and engineering teams at littleBits and Korg agreed that adding this kind of functionality would unlock additional power from an already rich musical experience and set out on creating these new modules.

The areas of focus for these new modules were the connection between MIDI instruments/controllers, computers, and analog synthesizers to the Synth Kit. The newly released MIDI, CV, and USB I/O modules provide this connectivity in an intuitive way. In typical littleBits fashion, we distilled the functionality down to their essences.

For those familiar with music technology, these modules and their functionality should be self-evident. For those new to the field, we hope that these modules can provide further education and bring users deeper into the world of music technology.

Synth Pro features

  • Communicate between computers and analog synthesizers.
  • Directly record your Synth tunes with your computer.
  • Send and receive MIDI messages.
  • Remix music from any audio software (like iTunes, Spotify and GarageBand).
  • Transform modules like a pressure sensor, dimmer or light sensor into musical instruments.
  • Make your own MIDI controllers.

The new modules are available for purchase in the Synth Pro Pack for $139.95 USD, or individually for $39.95 USD for the Midi module and $34.95 USD (each) for the CV and USB I/O modules.

More information: littleBits