Man Makes Noise has announced the release of a free Christmas gift.

The Lobby Piano Playable Techniques is a sample library created with sounds taken from the original recordings for The Lobby for Omnisphere.

The Lobby Piano is a small grand piano in a lobby. I originally recorded said piano for The Lobby Piano Omnisphere library and ever since it’s release I have had plans to go back a record more from said piano. I have been unable to do so due to Covid restrictions, so I decided to go through the material I already recorded and find the most interesting sounds from there.

I chose 10 different styles and techniques from the original recordings. As nothing was recorded chromatically I had to construct the samples for each of the 10 techniques with sound design trickery. Each of the 10 techniques is now “recorded” in triads for a chromatic range with 4-5 velocity layers, no round robins. So there is very little naturally recorded material in this piano. This is not a complete piano, but a colours and flavors type of additional piano.

The sample library includes patches for Kontakt 5 and 6 (full version), Decent Sampler, SFZ, and 1,189 uncompressed .WAV samples. The pack also includes 29 snapshots by Man Makes Noise and Torley for the Kontakt 6 version.

You can download Lobby Piano for for free by using coupon code FREEXMAS at the checkout.

More information: Man Makes Noise