Plugin Boutique has announced a limited time sale on the Loc-Ness 2 drum and percussion processor by Tone Empire, offering a 66% discount for a few days only.

Drums…, the most crucial part of your mix that can make or break a track. For decades pro engineers have used various combinations of compressors, pre-amps, eq’s, and saturation to make styles of sounds that stand out. Not just a compressor or eq, Loc-Ness is the mystical plugin that brings all the right controls and colors for drums to your workstation.

This is a dedicated channel designed for processing Individual Drum Hits, The room sound, and the entire drum bus.

Loc-Ness 2 is £19.95 GBP / $25 USD until March 21st, 2022 (regular $79 USD).

More information: Tone Empire