UVI has announced the release of its new Falcon expansion pack LoFi Dreams, a collection of 200 charactered lo-fi sounds for Chillhop and Downtempo music production.

The boutique collection of stylized instruments, drums and textures is perfectly suited for the more chill and introspective sides of Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, and Downtempo music production.

Covering all the hallmark sounds and taking it further, LoFi Dreams delivers smooth acoustic pianos, soulful guitars, vibey keys, charactered drums, lo-fi textures and more.

Inspired by the sounds of early ’00s lo-fi chill and hip-hop, LoFi Dreams offers a wide range of expressive instruments delivering both classic and modern aesthetics. Paired with the extensive sound-shaping capabilities of Falcon, musical inspiration awaits for producers and musicians of any background.

Each of the instruments in LoFi Dreams is designed to be expressive and playable, providing helpful controls and macros allowing you to sculpt your sound and create dynamic, expressive performances. As with all Falcon expansions, you have the ability to dig beneath the surface into each sounds patch structure, to manipulate and reshape it in any way you see fit.

The expansion costs $39 USD / 39 EUR.

More information: UVI