The trailblazing label behind the explosion of “beats to study to” playlists and 24/7 Youtube streams of lofi music, Chillhop Music, has announced the addition of over a thousand songs from its catalog to sampling service Tracklib.

This move further allows Tracklib’s ever-growing creator community the ability to go further outside the box by unlocking songs filled with chopping lo-fi textures, jazzy soundscapes, dusty crackles, and all-things chill.

The Global Lo-fi giant with a loyal fan-base of 3.2 million subscribers within their youtube community alone originally started in 2013 as a passion project to support underground music with the best in chilled beats with the core roster of producers inspired by beatsmiths like Nujabes and J Dilla. What once started as an inclusive bedroom-friendly safe space has now turned Chillhop into a mammoth platform and label for beats grounded in lo-fi, jazz hop & instrumental hip-hop.

“Today’s Lofi-hip hop obviously has its roots in classic sample-based hip-hop, but Chillhop has been forced to stay away from samples from original music because of the complexities and costs around sample clearance. That’s why this partnership with Tracklib makes total sense. Not only does it open up for us to use samples, it also allows us to come full-circle by also allowing others to sample Chillhop’s music”. – Björn de Water. General Manager Chillhop

More information: Tracklib