Loomer has updated the public beta of its Architect modular MIDI toolkit to version 0.9.9.

A beta software product is not quite a finished software product, and as such does not necessarily represent the quality of the final release: features may be missing, and bugs may be present.

Architect is a modular MIDI toolkit and music production environment for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Similar to the classic modular synths, you build patches from small modules that work together to generate pieces impossible to conceive of using conventional compositional techniques.

Architect is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux, in AAX, Audio Unit, VST2 plugin, and Standalone application formats. An evaluation version lets you save user created Program and Bank configurations, but you cannot load them without a licensed version of the software.

During the beta you can purchase a license at a 25% discount, priced at £105 GBP (regular £140 GPB). Prices excluding VAT where applicable.

You can keep up with the latest developments at KVR Audio.

More information: Loomer

Loomer Architect beta