Dj Narrative asked Loop Lounge what it wanted for its first birthday present.
Loop Lounge challenged Dj Narrative to perform a routine with three limitations: use only one controller and feature 5 Loop Lounge remix sets in 3 minutes.

Exploring the House/Techno music spectrum, Dj Narrative crushes the Kontrol S8 using Loop Lounge collections: Le Monde Sombre, Tech Sketches, Tech Elements, Latin Percussion and best seller, Soul of the Machine.

Dj Narrative once again triumphs. Applying his creative and out of the box approach to the creative and flexible potential of the Loop Lounge DJ Tools, he creates a showstopper, closing the gap between live production and DJing.

On top of releasing their new video, Loop Lounge has announced for their 1st birthday, celebration with a lucky draw to win a TRAKTOR KONTROL D2 and five vouchers worth £20 on the Loop Lounge web store.

Entry to the lucky draw closes on 19th December 2015, 1pm (GMT time). The lucky winners will be announced on 20th December 2015.

More information: Loop Lounge