Loop Lounge Soul Of The Machine

Loop Lounge has announced the release of Soul Of The Machine, a DJ Traktor Remix Sets pack by Simon Owen.

LOOP LOUNGE presents “Soul Of The Machine”, a collection of dark techno sounds crafted specially to be used with effects, allowing DJs to create infinitely unique variations of its theme.

DJs have long chosen Traktor for the ability to combine and layer loops to create progressions on the fly. With the “Soul Of The Machine” set, DJs have total control over isolated elements and enjoy the added artistic flexibility and freedom that comes with it.

Each of the four remix sets is broken down to its key parts and numbered for easy logical use. In the booklet, commonly used techno audio effects that work well with the loops are also listed, providing DJs with a starting point for their experimentation.

Soul Of The Machine is available for purchase for £14 GBP (.wav package) / £16 GBP (.trk package).

More information: Loop Lounge