Loop Lounge Underground UK Techno

UK based sample library label Loop Lounge has announced the release of Underground UK Techno, its latest sample library.

The collection has been created using classic gear such as 303, 101, 808, 909, Jupiter 8, Moog Voyager Minotaur and Juno 6.

Drums loops have been deconstructed to allow you maximum flexibility and all audio has been produced with the finest attention to detail to provide the quality you need for your artistic endeavours.

The collection contains a total of 240 samples: 20 Bass Loop, 20 vocal Loops, 20 Music Loops, 20 Fx Loops, 100 Drums Loops and a bonus of 20 Claps and Snare, 20 Hihats and 20 Perc Loops.

Underground UK Techno is available for purchase starting at £14.99 GBP.

More information: Loop Lounge