LoopArtists Hip Hop packs

LoopArtists has announced the release of 8 new hip-hop mix packs and a hip-hop vocals loop pack.

Hip Hop emcees are always looking for new beats to lay their vocals on but beats can often be expensive and sometimes not as exclusive as the buyer may think. LoopArtists has released 8 new hip hop mix packs from 2 new producers “Divine Sound Productions” and “Matreyix”.

These mix packs are essentially ready-made beats that have been broken down into loops and allow more flexibility in crafting the final sound. The packs are also a much more affordable alternative to buying ready-made beats.

A new hip-hop vocal loops pack has also been released this month for the producer who wants to add fresh new hip-hop vocal verses to their mix. New LoopArtists producer “Danny Dollars” has recorded lyrics that tell a positive message as opposed to the usual vulgar language and profanity found in many hip-hop vocal loop packs. LoopArtists also ensures that these are longer takes of vocal verses as opposed to short phrases or one-shot vocals.

The new hip-hop mix packs and vocal loop packs are now available from LoopArtists.

More information: LoopArtists / Hip Hop packs