LoopLords has announced the release of its new Electro Urban Drums plugin instrument, featuring a collection of 44 drum kits best suited for urban genres of music.

Each kit in Electro Urban Drums contains 8 drum sounds created using sound synthesis and advanced sound processing techniques.

To add a vintage style to your beats, a vinyl/tape layer engine randomly plays a vinyl crackle loop and tape hiss sample among a set of 12 samples each. This adds realism to the vinyl crackle sounds as it never plays the same sound twice.

As for the drum sounds, they have been processed and mastered following urban music threads. Unlike other drum plugins, Electro Urban Drums is made of 100% original drum sounds sourced from analog and digital sound synthesizer and processed to sound like vintage vinyl and tape. The result is raw, punchy, unique and in your face!

To add variety, 12 glitch drum kits have been added. The glitch sounds have been processed using the same sound engineering techniques usually used in urban music. They have an edge not found in other plugins and sample libraries.

Electro Urban Drums features

  • 44 drum kits created from 352 samples, all unique sounds.
  • Vinyl and tape layers with 12 round robins each.
  • Multi-LFO for amplitude, pitch and pan.
  • Individual outputs for both drums and vinyl/tape layers.
  • Amp range controls to squash your drums!.
  • Level, pan knobs and mute button for each drum sound.
  • Big drum pads for on-screen finger drumming (touch screen required).
  • Drum kits provided as 24-bit stereo WAV files.
  • 10 bonus hip hop MIDI drum loops.
  • Compatible with standard GM MIDI drum loops.

The plugin is available in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS. The intro price is $19 USD (regular $29 USD). A free 5 drum kits version is available on the product page.