LoopLords has announced the release of Replikator, a plugin instrument inspired by the classic sound of the Blade Runner movie’s original soundtrack.

The rompler features 63 multi-sampled and hand-crafted sounds inspired by the music of one of the greatest soundtrack of all time.

Each sound has been carefully tweaked to be rich in tones and highly playable. The easy to use and high tech interface gives access to a simple array of sound shaping parameters including an amp ADSR, a reverb, a legato and a voice mode selector.

Replikator features

  • 63 sounds inspired by Blade Runner.
  • HL/LP filters.
  • 3 voice mode: polyphonic (up to 32 voices), monophonic and legato.
  • Reverb.
  • Main LFO with depth and rate control to pitch/pan/expression.
  • Aftertouch controls for the LFO’s depth.

Replikator (VST/AU) costs $29 USD.