Loopmasters has launched the next 48-hour flash sale in its Happy Holidays Genre Sales, offering a 50% discount on Techno & Hard Dance and FX sample packs.

Loopmasters Happy Holidays 50 OFF Techno & Hard Dance and FX

The Techno & Hard Dance Sale features over 500 packs including Sample Digger’s recent Brooding Techno, UK Techno from 5 Pin Media, Ultimate Rawstyle by Jan Van Bass 10, TD Audio’s Rawstyle VS Psytrance, Singomakers Rawstyle Till The End, Cosmic Techno from Artisan Audio, 100 Modular Backgrounds & Musical Ideas by System 6 Samples, Industrialized Techno from Industrial Strength, and many more.

The FX Sale has well over 300 packs of sound effects, ambient textures, cinematic hits and more. Recent titles include various Cinetools packs (Cinematic Hits: Epic, Water Flow, Terminus), Textural Atmospherics by Sample Diggers, Organic Toolkit – Essential Foley & Drums from Origin Sound, Industrial Stenght’s Impact and Cinematic Noise, Boom SFX, Selected: Cinematic Soundscapes by Freaky Loops and Massive FX & Atmos from Soul Rush Records.

The offer expires December 30th, 2018.

More information: Loopmasters