Loopmasters has announced the release of three Sonic Academy music production tutorials.

This week we start a new chapter – introducing great and straight-forward Music Production Tutorials. Sonic Academy deliver their modular and detailed tutorials that will get you going in minutes. Check out the list of Tutorials we’re releasing in this first installment. There’s more in store in the upcoming weeks!

Sonic Academy Music Production Tutorials

Sonic Academy Music Production Tutorials

  • How To DJ With Ableton Live — Digital DJing With Ableton Live is a perfect intro to the art and science of digital DJing. Sonic Academy’s professional, in-house trainers walk you through the works, from set-up and sorting your soundcard to cross-fading, adding effects (like delay and reverb), looping, and recording your mixes.
  • A Beginner’s Guide To Music Theory: Scales & Rhythm — In the first of our Beginners Guide to Music Theory series we look at how to use Rhythm to create a number of different drum patterns for many different genres of music from House and Techno to Hip Hop and Drum ‘n’ Bass. From basic beat patterns to more advanced rhythmic programming we show you all you need to sequence the perfect beat no matter what style of music you’re making.
  • Tech Tips Vol. 1 — Get the production knowhow and make those productions shine like the pro’s. From vocoders to extracting grooves, through to the awesome Melodyne and that all important side chain compression. All the tips and tricks in one place.

How To DJ With Ableton Live and A Beginner’s Guide To Music Theory: Scales & Rhythm are available to purchase for £29.99 GBP each, Tech Tips Vol. 1 is £19.99 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters