Loopmasters has introduced the Rewards Plus loyalty scheme, offering free sample packs, coupon codes, and virtual cash to its customers.

Rewards+ is a multi-tier loyalty scheme at Loopmasters.com. It is based on the amount of money you spend in your purchases. The bottomline is this: for each £50 you spend in our shop you will qualify for one of the rewards. If you spend multiples of £50 in one checkout, you can claim multiple Rewards+.

Rewards Plus features

  • Select a free Loopmasters Samplepack on your shopping cart page.
  • Choose to invest in savings in the future with coupon codes, which can be used during checkout for savings.
  • Get 5% Virtual Cash (or VC) stored in your account’s “wallet” for each and every paid order.
  • Get additional Extra Virtual Cash. Each Reward Token is worth £1.25 GBP and you choose how many of these to put into your Virtual Cash wallet.

More information: Loopmasters / Rewards Plus