Loopmasters has introduced a mesmerizingly unique and captivating sample pack that fuses the raw energy of bass music with the hypnotic allure of Asian influences. Bass Music Fusion is a game-changer for any producer looking to add an exotic twist to their sound.

With an impressive array of deep basslines, full drum loops, snares, kicks, toms, and cymbals, this pack is perfect for creating a solid foundation for your tracks. You’ll also find a set of synthesizers, pads, and pianos, but it’s the addition of Asian instruments that really sets it apart.

From the enchanting melodies of dizi and bansuri flutes and kotos to the intricate plucking of the shamisen, sitar, and zheng, Bass Music Fusion is packed with a variety that adds a unique and distinct twist to your music. And let’s not forget about the unique mixed percussion, claps, and effects that help to round out the collection. With Bass Music Fusion, you have everything you need to create music that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The sample pack is priced £29.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately starting from £5.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Bass Music Fusion