Loopmasters has introduced the latest Patchworx series sound pack featuring a futuristic and innovative collection of Serum presets.

Patchworx 148 – Cyberpunk Serum Presets aims to help you go on a journey to a dystopian future and create your own cinematic science fiction masterpiece with 64 fresh sounds, including bass, pads, leads, arps, and percussion.

Within Cyberpunk Serum Presets, you will find what you need to help you shape a track fitting for the cyberpunk genre; a genre that is characterized by its bleak, dystopian themes, often expressed through dark, electronic soundscapes. The music is often described as being “gritty,” “edgy,” and “industrial,” with distorted, heavily processed sounds and complex rhythms.

The pack includes distorted and detuned synth basslines, electric and digital percussion, various synth arps and leads, as well as dreamy and vintage pads, all of which are great for conveying the genre’s themes of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and post-humanity. This progressive patchworx compilation contains not only 64 presets, but 64 MIDI files as well, perfect for those looking for immediate inspiration and a seamless creative process.

The sound pack is available to purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Patchworx