Loopmasters has launched a new sample pack in collaboration with Mindspring Music.

The epic 6GB+ collection of Psychedelic Dub & Glitch comes straight from four of the headiest names on the label including select sounds from the personal vaults of Twin Shape, Taotempo, Alterra and Spiral Minded Project to realize a higher state of creativity.

Loopmasters Psychedelic Dub & Glitch

Utilizing a massive array of hardware, field recordings, and esoteric software, expect a fresh take on Dub and a variety of styles of Bass Music. twisted glitch loops, Virus TI presets, dense ambient soundscapes, granular effects, lush pads, psychedelic leads, deep basses, Serum patches, and more, suitable for a multitude of styles: Downtempo, Dub, Chill, Breaks, Ambient, DnB, and Glitch.

Mindspring Music was founded by Twin Shape in 2014 and is home to some of the most recognized names in the Downtempo Psychedelic scene. It is also known for uncovering many emerging talents and focusing on the deeper, meditative, styles of music.

File names marked with “TS” are from Twin Shape, a live project that performs from behind different masks for each psychedelic laser fueled show. Expect to find an evolving set of loops that dance between bright and melodic, dark and mysterious and float into to lush and atmospheric.

Files marked with “TAO” are from Taotempo. Emerging from the hills of Northern California Kevin has always had a guitar in hand, a hand drum by his side or an old ukulele while traveling – living in Kauai or hanging in Northern California. Taotempo’s sample set is a sonic journey of squishy Psydub bass lines, tribal beats, and organic funky rhythms that slam on the dance floor.

Files marked with “AP” are produced by Alterra Project. The Alterra project is the mutant alien brainchild of 3 psychedelic music producers: Charlie Bartlett (False Identity), Dane Andruszko (Ee’sh) and Rory Gordziejko (Kwah, Tea Tree). In this project, they pool their talents to create extra-terrestrial soundscapes and interstellar grooves!

Files marked with “SM” are by Spiral Minded. Residing in NY, Chris is creating music as innovative as his City is diverse. Expect twisted leads, soaring pads, and squishy psy sounds – wrapped around dubby rhythms and pulsing bass.

Psychedelic Dub & Glitch features

  • 6.08 GB content (24-bit/44.1kHz).
  • 429 Loops: 107 Bass Loops, 103 Synth Loops, 89 Drum loops, 60 Pad Loops, 38 Perc Loops,17 Fx loops and 15 Top loops.
    1,319 One-Shots: 202 Fx, 151 Drum Hits, 102 Drum Kit Hits, 64 Atmospheres, 52 Bass Hits, 49 Bass Multis, 39 Contact Mic Hits, 29 Synth Multis, 19 Synth Hits, 9 Pads, 5 Field Recordings and 4 Vocal Atmospheres.
  • 548 REX2 files.
  • 216 soft sampler patches for Halion, NNXT, Kontakt, Sfz and EXS24.

The Psychedelic Dub & Glitch pack is available for £44.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately.

More information: Loopmasters