Vintage Gretsch Natural Sticks

Loopmasters has launched Vintage Gretsch – Natural Sticks, the first volume in its Real Drums series of drum sample packs.

Loopmasters proudly announce the first in a brand new series of multi sampled acoustic drum kits containing multiple velocity layers and round robin techniques that allow for incredible expressive drum performances. Whether you program up drums by hand or choose to trigger from a MIDI controllers the Real Drums series allow for perfect natural sounding drum tracks every time.

First Up for the Real Drums Series is a wonderful Vintage Gretsch Kit played with Drum Sticks meticulously recorded at Broadoak Studios by producer Harvey Summers, using an eclectic array of stunning vintage mics and equipment in their wonderfully vibey and great sounding live room.

The kit itself comprises a 50’s bass drum, 4 toms from the 70’s and a custom shop snare, all from Gretsch and all finished in that lovely broken-glass glitter! This makes for quite a unique configuration and one that sounds fat, punchy and musical.

Vintage Gretsch features

  • 672MB content, 24Bit/44.1Khz quality.
  • 1 full multi sampled drum kit.
  • Included multi samples: 44 crash, 82 hi hat, 56 kick , 68 ride, 16 tom rims, 32 roll, 171 snare, 17 splash, 4 stick, 213 tom.
  • 1 room tone loop sample.
  • 2 sampler patches for Kontakt, EXS24 and Reason NN-XT formats.

The sample pack costs £39.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Vintage Gretsch