Loopmasters has launched Abstract Future Hip Hop, a royalty free sample pack with an atmospheric selection of brooding futuristic sounds.

Loopmasters Abstract Future Hip Hop

Abstract Future Hip Hop comes from the producer who brought you Vibrations Instrumental Electronica, so expect to hear impeccable production quality and more inspiring melodies.

Abstract Future Hip Hop comes with 2.39Gb of contents with loops, hits and sampler patches for your next production, with a stunning collection of edgy beats, heavy bass and pure melodic fire. Jump inside to find cinematic atmospheres, super synths and bubbling basslines with a host of electric basses, arps and low-end synths. Expertly processed live drums deliver classic studio warmth and a weighty punch to your flow – with simmering percussion to lay on top for more rhythmic vibes.

Lush melodic elements include pianos, hammond, rhodes and violins to fuse organic, natural tones with the tech-end of modern production – and additional glitch FX cuts for high-end precision and transitions. 293 single hits are included, with single atmospheres, drums, FX, percussions, synth and basses to trigger in your daw, or from the 80 sampler patches we’ve made for you in 5 formats.

Abstract Future Hip Hop costs £34.95 GBP.

Also available now is Nu Disco & Boogie, a collection of high-time disco sounds and boogie rhythms for late nights and early mornings.

Loopmasters Nu Disco & Boogie

This royalty free pack offers a blissed out collection of funky loops and sleek synthesis to raise your heart of glass.

Nu Disco N Boogie comes with 1.41Gb of content featuring 230 tempo synced loops to throw in the mix. Inside you’ll find lush bass licks played on smooth synths and live bass, with a myriad of musical loops to spice things up – classic rhodes, wurlitzer, piano and clavinet keys, alongside the glorious Hammond organ. 90 live drum loops will make your beats fizz, with a sizzling selection of latin-inspired percussion to deliver a rich flavour and syncopated shine.

Let the lead guitars flow on through, along with wah chords, picks and plucks to embellish the mix with many melodic microcosms. Get your synthesis fix with Juno 60 and other analogue poly-synths- delivering peak performances from expert players. Rex loops are available and come pre-sliced for another world of sonic adventures.

Nu Disco & Boogie is available for £29.95 GBP.

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