Loopmasters has launched Analogue Sequences, a collection of loops and instruments for Ableton Live designed and created by the experienced, award-winning sound designers and production tutors at School of Synthesis.

This Live Pack utilises sequences created from some of School of Synthesis’s vast collection of classic vintage and modern analogue synthesisers. This collection includes sequences expertly programmed for the Korg MS20, ARP 2600, Roland Jupiter 6, DSI/Sequential Prophet 6, Roland SH2, Moog Sub37 and Sid Station. All synths have been processed through Bettermaker EQ and Manley NuMu and recorded through Burl Mothership.

However, the original sound sources are only the foundation of what this Live Pack is about.

The sequences have been expertly re-Imagined as performable Ableton Live Instrument racks through cleverly utilising the new Simpler Instrument’s modes recently introduced. All instrument racks are compatible with Live 9.7 (and above) Standard and Suite editions, and have been optimised for use with Ableton’s Push controller.

The pack provides the original sequences as loops at quality 24bit audio pre-warped and ready to use as audio clips within Live, but in addition, each of the Analogue Sequences is creatively re-contextuallized into three different types of instrument racks created specifically to allow for realtime manipulation, re-sequencing and performance via from Ableton Push, or any other MIDI Controller.

Slice/Arp instruments are pre-sliced, and designed for use in 64 Pad drum rack mode on Ableton’s Push controller to be highly versatile and give real-time control of re-slicing, pitch, arpeggiation and FX, allowing for a unique and creative way of re-sequencing the original loop.

Tone Instruments give you total freedom to give you the tone of the original instrument, whilst being able to create your own MIDI sequences.

Sequence Instruments allow for the original analogue sequence to loop as originally recorded, whilst the pitch and other FX parameters remain flexiblle to be played via a midi-controller.

Analogue Sequences provides a unique and inspiring way to revision and reimagine the use of Loops within Ableton Live to quickly create your own unique take of these classic synths.

The Analogue Sequences Live pack is available for purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Analogue Sequences