Loopmasters has launched an exclusive Ableton Live MIDI effect rack that has been specifically designed for producers hunting that perfect chord sequence.

The Blue Notes & Borrowed Chords instrument rack loads straight into your Ableton Live session and features fully mapped macros to change chord sets, add random note velocity, change the root note and add arpeggios.

Loopmasters Blue Notes and Borrowed Chords Ableton Chord Rack

Blue Notes & Borrowed Chords includes the same macro mappings and functionality as the previously released Deep House & Jazz Chords rack. Have fun playing with note timing and velocity for even more unique expression, arpeggiate your chords and more.

Blue Notes & Borrowed Chords is a complete standalone MIDI effect rack that switches out the existing chord set in our popular Ableton Chord Rack for a brand new set of chord progressions utilising the jazz and blues technique of implementing blue notes in the chords.

Initially played by a Jazz keyboardist, these are not your run of the mill chord progressions. Combinations that only a trained musician might create result in very unique sounding chord combinations. The inclusion of “blue” or “worried” notes – a technique often employed in both Jazz and Blues – ads even more unique expression. (Blue notes are played at a slightly different pitch than standard. Typically the alteration is between a quarter tone & a semitone.)

As a result of the use of this technique in these sets, you will find that they are not always EXACTLY tuned. This sounds GREAT, and will give your music a classic Jazz/Blues influenced vibe. The early pioneers of House and Hip Hop sampled these types of chords, and now you’ve got tons of them at your fingertips ready to play straight or resample.

For your convenience, we have listed the chords of each chord set. When a set includes very heavy use of blue notes, we have included an asterix before the first chord in the set. If you are curious about exactly what notes are being played, you can simply output the MIDI from the rack. This is a great way to develop complimentary bass lines or melodies for your chords.

Blue Notes & Borrowed Chords for Live 9.7.5 or higher is available for £5.95 GBP.

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