Loopmasters has launched a groundbreaking sample pack comprising 359 meticulously crafted samples tailored for jungle, breakbeat, footwork, DnB, hardcore, rave, and more.

The Breakbeat Jungle pack was created by LMajor, a magnetic force in electronic music, known for his innovative beats and releases on top labels like Astrophonica and WNCL Recordings.

The drum breaks and loops were programmed from scratch, utilizing a combination of drum kit samples and Addictive Drums software. Drawing inspiration from classic drum breaks, these initial loops were sequenced at funk and soul tempos then resampled, sliced, re – pitched, and re – sequenced to create a more ‘sampled’ vibe. They were further enhanced by being run through a Mackie Onyx desk, using the EQs to infuse a touch of analog warmth before being resliced and sequenced in software samplers.

The pads, synths, and keys were created from a fusion of software and hardware synthesizers including the Korg Prophecy, Roland JV 1080, Arturia MicroFreak, Access Virus, Serum, and Korg Volca FM. The sounds were recorded and then further processed through resampling, layering, re – pitching, and resequencing. Inspired by ambient jungle luminaries such as Blame and LTJ Bukem, the sample pack contains rich pad and chord samples suitable for classic and modern Jungle as well as most other electronic genres.

LMajor Breakbeat Jungle also features more aggressive, rugged lead and bass sounds suitable for jump up, tech step, footstep, and more. The bass and lead sounds were predominantly created using the MicroFreak, Serum, and Virus synthesizers. Beginning with recordings of live jamming sessions, these recordings were then sliced, diced, distorted, layered, tweaked, and re – sequenced in samplers. There are even some authentic Dub Siren samples thrown in for good measure recorded from a Ras EFX box.

The full sample pack is priced £29.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately starting from £5.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Breakbeat Jungle