Loopmasters has released a second batch of handpan loops and one-shots with Circle of Tones 2, delivering mystical and calming sounds that are perfect for use in your more musical outings.

Based around the hang drum alone, Circle of Tones 2 still comes with a great deal of diversity due to its inclusion of various playing techniques – deadened handpan loops, handpan chord one-shots, wrapped handpan loops, single note handpan one-shots and barehand handpan samples to name a few. You’ll find inside 865 MB worth of unmatched handpan content.

Circle Of Tones 2 features

  • 143 Barehand Hang Drum Loops.
  • 58 Deadened Hang Drum Loops.
  • 29 Hang Drum Fills.
  • 26 Wrapped Hang Drum Loops.
  • 21 Esoteric Rhythm DHang Drum Loops.
  • 16 Percussive Hnag Drum Loops.
  • 10 Chord Hits.
  • 4 Hang Drum Multis.
  • 1 Rav Pan Multi.
  • 1 Steel Tongue Multi.
  • 16 Soft Sampler Patches.

The sample pack is £29.95 GBP at Loopmasters.