Loopmasters has released a new collaborative project with one of the most popular vocalists on its label, Amanda Wilson. Downtempo Sessions features a fresh batch of royalty free vocals that aim to bring a soulful flavor to your downtempo productions.

A name familiar to many millions of dance, club and house fans all across the world, Amanda is a professional singer, vocalist, and songwriter with a truly incredible voice.

Downtempo Sessions was recorded at the Loopmasters studio using the finest microphones, hardware compressors and outboard gear available, run straight into an analogue desk for maximum warmth and fatness! These vocals are ready to drop into your next track to bring unique and memorable vibes out of the box.

Over the course of 374 MB of content, expect to hear Amanda’s world-beating vocal talents on display in a slower style more suited to downtempo, trip-hop and neo soul. All manner of hooks, adlibs and stacked vocal harmonies are within at tempos between 70-120bpm.

Priced £19.95 GBP, the sample pack contains 122 vocal loops, 25 vocal harmony loops, and a bonus spoken word out take.

More information: Loopmasters