Loopmasters has announced the release of Essential Alchemy Synths for Logic X, a collection of presets, channel strip settings, and audio source content specifically crafted for Logic Pro X’s new Alchemy synthesizer.

Loopmasters Essential Alchemy Synths for Logic X

With Essential Alchemy you are treated to a fresh set of sounds hand crafted by sound designer and Logic Pro expert Colin C. that cover a wide variety of modern electronic music. From heavy, modulated basses to gliding leads and crystal clean pads and strings totaling over 200+ sounds you’re bound to find instant inspiration no matter what genre you produce in!

With Alchemy’s unique Performer, Colin has mapped everything you need to morph and personalize these presets into something to call your own. Every patch has all 8 Performer slots filled, along with morph-able X/Y Pads and unique knob combos to instantly get you tweaking Alchemy to fit your own style.

Essential Alchemy features

  • 30 Alchemy Presets, with 8 “morph-able” settings = 210 unique sounds. Mapped for hands-on control and built to inspire without needing advanced Alchemy knowledge.
  • 182 Alchemy Channel Strips: Leads/Keys, Arps/Sequences, Bass, Pads/Strings, Atmospheres/Soundbeds, Creepy Cinematics, FX.
  • 50 unique audio source content 24bit AIFF files, created from analog hardware specific to Essential Alchemy.

Essential Alchemy for Logic Pro 10.2 is available for purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Essential Alchemy Synths for Logic X